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About ProEgg


Who We Are

ProEgg is comprised of leading egg farmers who have organized as a Capper-Volstead cooperative to serve customers in the western United States. ProEgg members remain independent egg businesses, but will now work collaboratively within the cooperative model behind a singular and deliberate purpose:

ProEgg’s member egg producers are aligned under a shared intent to create sustainable buying opportunities for egg customers; to promote a consistent, reliable supply of eggs; to connect our shared expertise, volume and resources for the benefit of all we serve; and to advance a positive and stable future for our teams, our communities, our business partners and our customers.


What Guides Us

While each ProEgg member has its own distinct mission and values, the members together have a shared commitment to maintaining high standards through recognized best management practices for egg production and to establishing strong relationships that build trust among members, customers and the egg industry.

We will:

  • Produce fresh, nutritious eggs under rigorous food safety guidelines
  • Ensure a safe, positive workplace for our team members that provides opportunities for growth
  • Operate with integrity, trust and respect within our cooperative, with our customers and in our individual businesses
  • Advance a sustainable future that preserves our natural resources
  • Provide proper care at all times for the health and well-being of our flocks
  • Build and engage strong, vibrant communities where we live and work

Our Team

ProEgg is led by a team of egg industry experts and governed by a Board of Directors. Meet our team:

Jerry Wilkins
Vice President of Sales
Braden Jenkins
Supply Chain Director
Jeffrey Babcock
Paul Larkin
Director of Sales and Operations

Where We’re Located

ProEgg serves the western United States, encompassing 13 states with a population of 78 million. Our member farms are located throughout this area to serve every state within this region.

How It Works

ProEgg aggregates members’ egg production under the cooperative umbrella structure. The eight ProEgg members provide eggs produced to the cooperative for sale. Current customers of individual members will have the opportunity to become customers of the cooperative.

ProEgg’s geographic area is structured to provide operational efficiency and to continue to meet local and regional needs. The cooperative’s sales and marketing team will market and sell members’ shell eggs to current and future retail and foodservice customers. ProEgg conducts all sales, pricing, payment and accounting within the cooperative.